Brands must tell a story…
ZB is a production place that grows by listening to stories and turns storytelling into art.

The child inside is curious about everything. That is why he knows how to communicate well.

He sometimes tells a striking story with a news report, and sometimes opens the doors of a fascinating world with a design.

He sometimes designs hit projects and succeeds in being a story that is talked about.

ZB takes shape with your brand and tells it to people in its best form.

This is where the stories begin.

What people buy isn’t what you do. People buy why you made the product – your story.


Batuhan Zümrüt

Founder Partner

Batuhan Zümrüt graduated from the Department of Geological Engineering of the Kocaeli University. He joined the Public Relations sector in 2003 with Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik. In this process, he gained experience in all institutional processes of the profession. Since his childhood, he has been closely interested in fields such as theater, acting, poetry and photography. In 2009, he decided to carry the experiences he gained in these fields to projects in the culture and arts sector. Since 2009, he has been giving consultancy to many actors, musicians and institutions in the culture and arts sector in the media, public relations and concept development processes.

Batuhan Zümrüt added a professional dimension to his photography and took photos of the artists he worked with. Within the scope of these works, he gained experience in visual design and image development for artists, thanks to the works he produced and the collaborations with valuable names.

Working as a volunteer trainer at TEGV, Zümrüt established ZB Medya İletişim in 2015 and continues to offer press and public relations consultancy to individuals and institutions, and develop project concepts.

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Berk Şenöz

Founder Partner

Berk Şenöz graduated from the Contemporary Dance Department of the Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University State Conservatory. In 2014, he designed and organized the Visibility in Art Festival with a few of his classmates. Berk Şenöz, who had the opportunity to work with many national and international choreographers during his school years, took the lead role in the children’s musical where he wrote Sezen Aksu’s Story under the roof of IEG Turkey and in the children’s play produced by the same company for TEB Bank.

After graduating in 2015, he continued his education at the Department of Public Relations and Advertising of the Anadolu University. With ZB Medya İletişim, which he founded in the same years, he continues to provide press and public relations consultancy and digital media consultancy services to individuals and institutions.

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Berk Şenöz – Batuhan Zümrüt

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Sezen – Thor

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