We direct your communication with your target audience within the scope of the entire PR works to be carried out to publicize your brand or increase its awareness. We are always by your side with our expertise and experience in determining the corporate communication strategy, from the selection of the right channels for public relations to the right perception management. 


What do we offer you as a communication and PR agency?


In our opinion, PR agencies should be capable of serving in Istanbul and all over Turkey, and even in the world. Considering today’s technological possibilities, this is not difficult at all. We, as ZB Medya İletişim, carry out our public relations and publicity activities without time and place limits, after accurately analyzing the brand we cooperate with and their needs. The professional perspective of our expert and dynamic staff plays an important role in this. 

Although the first thing that comes to mind about PR and public relations is the distribution of press releases, communication consultancy has a wide range. In this context, we offer the following services:

Communication strategy and media planning
Sales-oriented communication strategy
Media management
Reputation management
Social responsibility projects
Digital PR (E-PR)
Perception management
Crisis management
Media analysis and reporting
Internal communication

If you want to move your brand forward with an experienced and reliable team, you can contact us immediately.

Our PR References.

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If you haven’t worked with any PR agency or, in other words, any public relations agency yet, you may come up with questions such as “How does a PR agency work? What kind of team does a PR agency consist of?”. Before going into the details of these, it would be useful to answer the question “What is PR?”. PR (abbreviation for Public Relations in English) is the management of the perception of target audience on behalf of institutions or individuals in a way that will benefit the brand by using communication channels. In other words, we can say it is reputation management. PR works are done by using traditional media channels as well as social media and other digital channels.

As PR agencies, we work with a team of experts both in the field and at the desk, keeping up with the timing of the projects. It is possible to say that we differ in our strategy and our ways of doing business, even though we are sometimes confused with advertising agencies, but proceed on the same path as the ultimate goal. So, what does a PR company do? We can summarize our process as follows:


  1. We listen to your brand’s story, write it if it has no story yet, and then set the right strategy for the strongest communication. This includes elements such as which audience we will reach through which printed (magazine, newspaper, brochure, etc.) or digital (YouTube, Instagram, podcast, blog, etc.) channels and what kind of image we will display.
  2. We wish everything was limited to setting and implementing the strategy, but community management or reputation management does not proceed with a single equation. There are millions of people, that is, millions of ideas. It is easy to get your message wrong or make a small mistake to create a meteor effect that will hit the world. That is why crisis management is an important part of our business. It is essential for your brand to move forward without being damaged!
  3. After determining the language of your brand and how it will sound, we enable you to express yourself in the best way in all written statements such as press releases, news studies, interviews, presentations, social media contents or blog contents, press releases, memos and speech texts.
  4. Written communication is a great way to meet the target audience, but sometimes it is necessary to meet with events in the field. At this point, we provide you all the support and we are with you every step of the way, from planning and announcing the organization to its implementation. 
  5. As your PR agency, we keep in touch with media members such as journalists, writers, bloggers and influencers on your behalf and ensure that your brand is always fresh in the memories. 
Digital PR, or in other words E-PR, can be defined as communicating with the target audience by effectively using all digital platforms such as social media, websites and blogs. The point where it differs from traditional PR is the tools used. Both aim at improving the image of the brand and continuity in mass communication. Classical or traditional PR uses communication activities through TV, newspaper, magazine, poster, festival etc., while digital PR carries out PR works on digital platforms that require much lower costs. In these works, social media campaigns, live broadcasts, SEO or SEM works play an important role.

Of course, the type of team it has is an important step when choosing the most suitable one for you from the list of PR agencies. As ZB Medya İletişim, we work with a competent and dynamic team in both traditional and digital PR. Our team includes PR specialists, press consultants, copywriters, designers, social media experts, video editors, and creative directors.