As soon as you step into the digital world, your company or brand begins to be recognized online with its corporate identity. Therefore, you need to create an image that will make you different from other brands. As a creative communication agency, we take action for the projects you dream of and want to realize. 

It is also important to show the trust that your brand reflects in the digital media. We want you to know that we are on your side with all our infrastructure and experience in order to provide the strategies and directions you need for this. We perform and implement the necessary analyzes for your projects to come to life. We involve emotions by producing projects that will represent your brand in every field. We add value to your brand by processing every detail from photo shooting to YouTube videos. While we carry the image of your brand to a positive point with video promotions, we carry out meticulous work on positioning your brand in the market with our communication strategies. We also provide you with unlimited support on the following topics:

  • Corporate Identity 
  • Website and Mobile App Design
  • Production (video and photography)
  • Creative Writing 
  • Brand and Campaign Strategy

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The visible professional face of a company is called “corporate identity”. The works carried out to create the identity of the company are called “corporate identity works”. The creative design of the company is especially important in the formation of corporate identity. Having quality works ensures that brands or companies are reliable over their consumers.

Production services include video and photo shoots for corporate companies and brands. Production service can be provided by agencies. All equipment for photography or video production that you will request regarding your brand or company is covered by these agencies. The appropriate camera is selected according to the film or photograph you want to shoot, the lighting suitable for the environment and the theme is provided, and this is how the shooting begins. In line with the brief you provide, the agencies deliver your publicity film or photographs in full. Within the scope of production service, product shots of your brand and image shots to be created for your brand are done by us. In addition, lifestyle and styling shots are also made as part of the production service.

In the globalizing world, where consumers tend to consume, short-term brand and campaign strategies usually attract attention for a while, but in the long run, the return to the brand is not as desired. Brand and campaign strategy should be handled with great delicacy. It should have an approach that understands the language of the target audience with all its details such as identity, slogan and advertisement. In the consultancy service provided to achieve success in brand and campaign strategies, competitors, brand and target audience are analyzed and strategies that the brand can get maximum efficiency from are determined and a completely consistent system is created.

Creative writing service offers a service concept in which creative texts are produced with a new communication language that is compatible with the language of your brand. We produce texts in creative areas such as blog post support and brand story, by carrying out effective studies on determining the language of communication.

Website design is extremely important for the identity of your brand and business. As ZB Medya İletişim family, we create innovative website projects for you. We plan a website design in accordance with your field of activity, and we design your online identity with designs such as banners and icons that will reflect your corporate identity. Mobile App design, like the website, goes through a design process that reflects your corporate identity and includes user-oriented details.